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Guardian Institute of Martial Art's goals are to provide professional martial arts instruction to our community. We pride ourselves for having a safe environment where students are part of our family oriented organization while learning. Guardian Institute is the most competitive and affordable Martial Arts program for individuals and families in Iowa.  Since being founded in 2005, our goal is to not only teach students Martial Arts skills, but to also help them develop life skills such as Self-Confidence and Leadership that will benefit them through their entire life. Our program is for those age 5 to adult.


Grand Master David Bruce, is the founder and previous owner of BTKDA.  After 41 years of teaching and learning different Martial Arts, GM Bruce was diagnosed with ALS May of 2021 in which due to his decline in health opted to retire and sold the program to his instructors, Master and Mrs. Sebers.  This was not an easy decision for GM Bruce but he wants to spend the rest of his days with family and friends.  


Master and Mrs. Sebers, are the owners and two of the instructors at Guardian Institute of Martial Arts, as well as students in the Kumdo program. Master Sebers (5th Dan Black Belt) has practiced taekwondo from childhood and is the also the sparring instructor. Mrs. Sebers (3rd Dan Black Belt) was the last member of the Sebers family to join taekwondo but has also developed a passion for teaching and is in charge of the STORM program. Both Master and Mrs Sebers are also students and instructors in the Kumdo Program with the rank of 1st Dan black belt.  Four other Sebers can be spotted Guardian Institute, Miss Nikayla Sebers (2nd Poom Black Belt) , Tristan Sebers (Brown high belt),  Miss Amelia Sebers (Recommended Black Belt), and Relena Sebers (Brown high belt).








Guardian Institute of Martial Arts offers:

•    The Highest Level of Intensity in Training
•    Opportunity to Train in Multiple Martial Arts Styles including Taekwondo and Kumdo
•    The Widest Range of Training for Competition or for Personal Growth and Fitness
•    The Highest Level of Professional and Internationally Certified Instructors
•    No Student is Overlooked – ALL Students are Treated Fairly Regardless of Age or Belt Level.
•    We Operate Based on Living Out the Tenets of Taekwondo with the Highest of Integrity.

Program goals:

•    Recognize that each student is an individual and provide individual attention to each student.
•    Set standards and benchmarks that are hard, but not impossible, to reach
•    Maintain proper student behavior in class, explaining and encouraging self discipline.
•    Insist that students never use the skills they learn outside of class, unless used for Self-Defense ONLY
•    Make sure all our students practice in a safe environment at our school
•    Recognize and reward students for true achievement.
•    Always communicate with parents as much as possible.

Anyone can learn regardless of age, physical or mental disposition!


Grand Master Bruce

Sebers Family

Master and Mrs. Sebers

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