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Guardian Institute of Marital Arts Taekwondo Students

Practice Calendars :

Practice Calendars are available at the school. Utilize these calendars to keep track of your practice minutes at home. There are guidelines on the calendars for minimum number of minutes required to practice per week. Remember!! minimum is the absolute lowest number of minutes you should be doing, it is not your entire goal for the week. 

White, Yellow, Yellow-high, Green, and Green-High Belts are required to show their practice calendar at pretest. 

Open Gyms:

These are open practice times for students at the school. An instructor will be on hand if you have questions or need help with your curriculum. Students do not have to stay for the full open time, just drop in and work on what you need. These are FREE, but we do ask students to help clean the school as a thank you for instructors donating their time. 

Pretest :

Pretest is held approximately every 10 weeks during normal class time. Pretest is a knowledge assessment of students who have all their tapes and are potentially ready to move onto the next belt level. If your student passes pretest they will be given a test application that must be returned the following week along with the test fee. 


Tests are held on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings and are divided up by belt levels. Students must be at their test time at least 15 minutes before test starts and have all their equipment. Showing up late or without their equipment may result in them not being allowed to test. 


You must create a log-in to view belt specific curriculum. Please allow 2-3 days for your log-in to be approved. Please include student name in the log-in request so we can approve your access faster. 


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