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Class Schedule:

Monday: 5PM Taekwondo  & 6:15PM Taekwondo

Tuesday: 5PM Taekwondo &   6:15PM Kumdo

 Wednesday: 5:15PM Tigers

Thursday:  5PM Taekwondo & 6:15PM Taekwondo

 Friday: 5pm Taekwondo (Men's Only) &

6:15pm Taekwondo (Women's Only) 6:15PM Kumdo

Our Classes and Programs:

Taekwondo  - Ages 6 and up

Kumdo/Iaido - Ages 9 and up

Taekwondo Tigers - Ages 4-7

Self-Defense- By Appointment

Private Lessons

We offer 2 FREE trial classes!!  Please call, text, or email

Master Sebers or Mrs. Sebers at:  



Access and sign liability waiver HERE

Paper copies are available at the school

Upcoming Events:




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